Ulwazi project aims to  awaken the human potential in those who face severe physical challenges. Our members have shown that they are capable of creating beautiful and inspiring crafts and arts which are commercially viable, even though some or our members have very little or no hand control.

Through these activities, our members experience a greater sense of purpose, belonging and contribution.

Our members create the crafts with some or no assistance from our dedicated and passionate staff.

Some of our pottery such as dinner services and tea sets have been much sought after and grace the tables of some very fine restaurants and other establishments. Some have been taken abroad by foreign visitors.

Until recently, persons with severe physical challenges were too often relegated to a life at home or in an institution, unable to participate in community and cultural life.
The centre aims to be be self-sufficient and sustainable and to this end has embarked on a number of income generating enterprises. The most noteworthy effort involves painting of crockery, such as mugs and dinner service sets, in attractive colours and designs. This crockery is sold and proceeds are used for running expenses and materials. Fabric painting is another exciting project that is currently underway.

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