Vision and Mission

The Ulwazi Project vision

The group of existing clients are mostly in their twenties and all have different forms of cerebral palsy (injury to the motor function of the brain which usually occurs at birth). Ulwazi Project’s main aim is:

  • To develop the fullest potential of the severely disabled persons in a secure facility where they are capable of creating beautiful and inspiring crafts and arts which are commercially viable;
  • To enable the beneficiaries and clients to become self-sufficient by their economic and artistic endeavours.
  • To provide for the social needs of severely disabled young adults for whom no facilities for exist.

The Ulwazi Project mission

We have the potential to be self-sufficient and sustainable. The Ulwazi Project has embarked on a number of income generating enterprises. All activities are accomplished by clients using head or mouth pointers and other adapted equipment. Some or our members have very little or no hand control. Some of our pottery such as dinner services and tea sets been much sought after and grace the tables of some very fine restaurants and other establishments.

  • The most note-worthy effort involves painting of crockery in attractive colours and designs. Fabric painting is another exciting project that is currently under way.
  • This crockery and items with fabric painting are sold and it is hoped that the proceeds will eventually be used to fund the running costs of the centre.


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